• Grapes on the Vine

    Sparkling Wine — It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

    Sparkling wine, whether champagne, Cava, Prosecco, or the dozens of other styles available, is becoming more popular as consumers realize it’s no longer just for special occasions. It’s great for parties or to start a meal, and…

  • Clueless about Wine

    Clueless About Wine

    Think decanting is a real fancy way of talking? Or that Shiraz is a big Las Vegas extravaganza? Or maybe you found yourself at a business dinner. The boss wants salmon. Your client is a vegetarian….

  • Richard Kitowski and Jocelyn Klemm

    The Wine Coaches

    The Wine Coaches are dedicated to helping others discover and enjoy wine. Certified sommeliers and authors of Clueless about Wine, Richard Kitowski and Jocelyn Klemm specialize in providing customized wine-themed events to groups of all sizes….