Sparkling Wine — It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Grapes on the Vine

Sparkling wine, whether champagne, Cava, Prosecco, or the dozens of other styles available, is becoming more popular as consumers realize it’s no longer just for special occasions. It’s great for parties or to start a meal, and…

Versatile Red-Wine Picks

Sometimes you’ll need to find a wine that matches a range of dishes, say salmon, red meat, and a vegetarian entrée. You’ll want what we call a crossover wine – able to bridge both red and…

Need Glasses?

Grapes on the Vine

The world’s leading glass company, Riedel, conducts regular seminars around the world to demonstrate the effects of stemware on our impressions of wine.  About a year ago we had the pleasure of attending a tasting event lead…

The Wine Coaches

Richard Kitowski and Jocelyn Klemm

The Wine Coaches are dedicated to helping others discover and enjoy wine. Certified sommeliers and authors of Clueless about Wine, Richard Kitowski and Jocelyn Klemm specialize in providing customized wine-themed events to groups of all sizes….