Wine Preservation

The award-winning Le Verre de Vin system is firmly established as the industry standard in wine preservation – both still and sparkling wines – for professional wine-by-the-glass service. Developed in 1990 by Bermar International to serve the UK market, there are now systems operating in more than 40,000 outlets, in over 80 countries worldwide. Le Verre de Vin creates a precisely controlled vacuum above still wines each and every time, regardless of how much wine remains in the bottle. Plus it is the only commercial-grade wine-preservation system ever developed that effectively re-seals sparkling wine and champagne by precisely controlling the head pressure with food-grade CO2 in the re-sealing process Using Le Verre de Vin, every guest is guaranteed a great wine experience. Serve every glass hand poured in perfect condition, promote premium wine sales, and eliminate waste.


Le Verre de Vin offers the greatest possible scope to introduce professional wine preservation equipment – with a choice of discrete stand-alone products through to high-impact wine by-the-glass cabinets. The range has evolved alongside current trends, service standards, and as a direct result of close industry relationships.

Stand-Alone Systems

Le Verre de Vin stand-alone preservation systems are available in three styles – Classic, Compact, and Tower – and with three preservation options:

  • Single – Still wine preservation
  • Single – Sparkling wine/champagne preservation
  • Dual – Still wine & Sparkling wine/champagne preservation

Modular Wine-By-The-Glass Cabinets

The Pod Bar is designed for restaurant operators looking to take their wine-by-the-glass service to the next level. With its innovative, modular design, the Pod Bar, with integrated Le Verre de Vin technology,  can fit easily into any bar, either factored into new build and refurbishment projects or retro-fitted in an existing bar. Extra ‘Pods’ can be added later, without the need for further investment in wine-preservation technology. All systems are specifically designed for self-installation and come with full user and installation instructions to enable you to get up and running quickly. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at 416-809-9463.


When a Le Verre de Vin system is introduced to an outlet as an integral part of professional wine service – where the ‘by-the-glass’ selection and pricing is appropriate, serving temperature is controlled, and the enhanced offer promoted sufficiently well – then increases in sales values of +25% and sales volumes of +12% are easily achievable. In addition, by the bottle sales typically increase by 12-16%.*

  • The increase in sales values is due to the trade up factor from customers already choosing wine in that outlet but they now select a higher priced product from the list.
  • The increase in sales volumes will occur from customers switching to wine, now that they can drink something of better quality, from a much improved ‘by-the-glass’ list, with a guarantee of freshness on every glass.
  • Bottle sales also increase as customers have an opportunity to try better quality wines, and then order a bottle.

By implementing a professional Le Verre de Vin wine by-the-glass service you can expect:

  • average increases in the value of wine-by-the-glass sales of more than 25%
  • average increases in the volume of wine-by-the-glass sales of more than 12%
  • to preserve an unlimited number of opened still, fortified, sparkling wines, and champagnes for up to 21 days
  • to sell better quality premium wines by the bottle through giving customers the opportunity to try a glass first as a result of a dynamic ‘premium by-the-glass offer’
  • to capitalize on the growing demand for a better range of quality wines to be made available by the glass
  • to put a quality assurance guarantee on every glass of wine served
  • the elimination of any issue of wastage
  • to profitably introduce premium brand sales including dessert wine, sparkling wine, and champagne
  • an increase in repeat business as customers’ return time after time to have another glass of their ‘new’ favourite wine
  • minimal running costs

Please visit our new Web site for additional information on the Le Verre de Vin system, and to review the models that are available.

*based on a responses from on-premise operators in the USA and Canada.